ABC Strategic Management & Research is an organisation engaged in planning, setting and implementing organisational and operational strategies for industrial, academic, private and public entities while also serving as a research entity in the fields related to strategic planning & management. ABC helps your organisation in meeting the challenges it faces on its way to set and implement strategies aimed at the increase of its activities and improving profitability and efficiency. We offer expertise in strategic & business planning, improvement of your organisation’s overall and effective performance and processes, financial and budget planning and analyses and economic analysis and planning. Our work – in all the projects we run – is result-oriented rather than mere talk.

We represent years of executive experience of work with and in large public economic organisations, both industrial and service ones (including governing bodies), as well as in SMEs and start-ups. Our experience coupled with our unique managerial tools including propriety methodologies which we have specially developed throughout the years for this purpose can now be available to the organisations we work with.

Many organisations and their leaders are faced, on a daily basis, with challenging issues pertaining to staff and workforce management; provision of top-ranked service to customers; financial, budget and cash flow management; and attaining and maintaining leading position within their sphere of activity. They are perennially concerned with such questions as how to improve the functioning of their organisation while attempting to construct vision for future development so as to bring their organisations to ongoing growth and profitability. Finally, they are more often than not facing problems associated with planning and execution of their various projects.

Ideally, your organisation should retain most efficient use in sources available and needed – both physical (e.g., use of energy) and other, non-tangible (e.g., time management) so as to attain and maintain your lead in the competitive environment in which you operate, positioning yourself where your enemies are few – if any at all – and where you can avoid danger or rearrange your position in your markets.

Such organisational quests as the wish to expand, particularly when it is felt that the organisation is ready for such a move or where while the vision is clear the means to materialise it might be insufficient, would require clear strategic planning and performance management. The same goes for the desire to increase provision of products or services where demand is growing, without hampering product or service quality; or for staff management or managerial time management. In this, ABC can assist you in upgrading the performance of your organisation.

Apart from our strategic planning & management capabilities, we also offer industrial and R&D project planning & management and project engineering, research capacity and management in operation research and in societal & commercial dissemination. ABC and its staff members have been involved in numerous projects, including the setting up of chemical plants in China, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Israel and more, as well as in Research & Innovation projects in internationally funded programmes. To these activities we can bring in our expertise in industrial engineering & design, project planning & management, project implementation, project financial control, etc. We can thus contribute to the control and timely execution of every aspect of projects – in the engineering tasks, the assessment of the technical & technological development envisaged in the projects and finally, in the effort to exploit and commercialise the projects’ result.