Quite a few entrepreneurs – both individuals and organisations – seem to be afraid that their idea might be stolen if revealed in the context of collaboration. However, this does not have to be true if precautionary measures are employed. Moreover, if IP protection is instituted properly, collaborations that would involve complementarities, with partners assisting other parties in developing or enhancing existing IP or other intellectual capital elements, can result in enriching all the parties involved.

Of course, such collaboration should be erected and managed with care, so as to guarantee on the one hand the protection of existing IP of all parties and, on the other hand, to enable the further development of IP and even not-as-yet-protected ideas of the individual partners engaged in the innovation-based collaboration.

Such innovative-based collaboration is also encouraged by international agencies which support or fund scientific & technological development projects. Of course, the selection of partners for such collaboration should be done with special care, so as to ensure the smooth development of the collaborative endeavour. To arrange such collaborations, ABC avails its extensive experience in project assessment and IP management, coupled by its intimate acquaintance of the way in which such collaborations are managed and inspected and our familiarity with many of the major players in both academia and industry, as well as in the public and regulatory domains. In addition, our intimate knowledge of the public R&D support will help you to create secure and beneficial consortium that would be conducive to your developmental goals