Strategic planning harbours the organisational future through the design of growth mechanisms and the development of a roadmap that would enable you to proceed in materialising your organisational vision.

Strategic planning aims at the identification and setting of overall, long term objectives and goals that are needed for an organisation to grow and prosper, particularly in uncertain environment and conditions. It translates your vision and objectives into the steps and efforts required to materialise them, based on both the organisation’s capabilities and capacities relative to the environments in which it operates while knowing them and understanding them. The process of strategic planning results in an action plan that takes into account resources available to the organisation and the specific actions that it needs to take in order to ensure the attainment of the desired goals.

ABC has been involved in strategic planning and implementation in a variety of fields, including: Health and Medical Sciences and Technologies; Industrial & plant planning; Information, Communication and other Media Sciences and Technologies; ā€œeā€ applications; Bio-informatics and scientific data management; Water Management; Food Production & Agriculture; Nano-technologies; Advance Materials and Production Technologies; Environment and Environmental Sciences; Solar and other renewable energy; Transportation and Space; Education ; Social Sciences, Management, Public Administration and Humanities. With this rich background we are in the perfect position to help you out in this task of strategic planning.