Setting the most effective project and overall activities’ management structure and procedures and aligning the organisational resources, systems and employees to its strategic objectives and priorities.

The aim of Performance Management is to allow your organisation to increase efficiency through improvement of performance in all of the organisation’s activities. This will lead to more satisfied f customers and business associates and allow enhanced productiveness of both workers and infrastructure. Workers will know at all times what they are supposed to do and allow you more quality time for thought and planning.

To achieve this goal, we plan for your organisation, with your active involvement, an all-embracing process that while being complete and comprehensive is also kept modular so that you are always in control of both process and results.

We begin with a meeting, with you and your relevant staff, so as to discern the needs of both you and your organisation. Based on the finding resulting from it, we shall then proceed to analyse your business activities aimed at the thorough understanding of your organisational activities, work processes, structure and functionality of the staff and the cost structure of your organisation and its carious functions. This will be the basis for our proposed levers for the attainment of performance increase. Such levers can be, amongst other, changes and improvements in work processes, building incentive programmes and presentation and operation of tools for monitoring and control as well as mechanisms for maintaining on-going check & balance.

The results of this process are evident almost at once since a process of organisational performance enhancement brings about results in several areas of activity. Once such result is increase in productivity that enable production of more and better outputs without the need to use any additional resources; decrease in expenditure and improvement in the quality of products and service offered by your organisation. The integration of these elements in the organisational activity increases the profitability of your organisation and the satisfaction of its customers.

Of course, the results depend on the goals set in the beginning of the process and they are noticeable after the completion of the planning phase and once implementation begins. The influence of the process will increase with adherence to the application of the tools designed. Results will, of course, be measurable.

This is not a magical solution. It requires your commitment to a set process that includes preliminary planning, determination and responsibility for the implementation of the necessary changes which are required so results actually ensue.

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