Combine a great idea, hard work, ample resources and some luck and you might end up with an innovation with an edge. This may well be the case for an occasional, coincidental success but it is far from being enough for creating ongoing sustainable innovation that would enable your organisation to lead the pack in the longer term. The essence of innovation stems from the ability to changing the way we think and to develop the capability to see the world differently. This is, of course, demanding. But the reward is sustainable innovative drive that could create an edge.

Creating innovative edge requires – and then allows for – the development and use of new forms of data collection and fresh ideas about cooperation between public and private sectors in manufacturing, services and research. This would also enable the erection of an innovative model for policy evaluation that measures technical progress and obstacles to it in real time.

Creating innovative edge can be achieved in either “top down” or “bottom up” settings. In the former, the innovation sought after is determined as a corporate, strategic directive. This would affect patterns of innovation and would normally involve dominant design, various innovation strategies and organising patterns aimed at innovation. The latter setting comprises primarily of an approach towards developing innovative, user-centred products and services. Here the emphasis is on identifying unmet needs and generating new ideas. While at first sight these two approaches might look contradicting, they are, in fact, complementing one another and as such, they enable a harmonised creation of innovative edge.

It would often be the case that you do have the “right” ideas for innovation. What you need, then, is to design a feasible road-map that would lead you and your organisation to the breakthrough that would enable you to finally create the cutting-edge innovation. We shall assist you in this, by helping you in formulating your innovation management scheme that would enable the translation of your ideas into actionable developmental plan.